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Key Publications

World Development

"All the gold for nothing? Impacts of mining on rural livelihoods in Northern Burkina Faso", World Development 119 , 2019,  23–39 
(together with B. Pokorny, S.D. Dayamba, H. Dickow)


Journal of Development Studies (JDS)

‘A Tale of Two Cities: The Political Economy of
Local Investment Climates in Indonesia’,
Journal of Development Studies, 2012, 18(7):799-816
(together with N. McCulloch and A. Patunru).



'The Political Economy of Local Governance: Findings from an Indonesian Field Study', Bulletin of Indonesian Economic Studies,  2009, 45(2):201-30.


Pacific Affairs

' Modular Comparisons: Grounding and Gauging Southeast Asian Governance.' Pacific Affairs, 2014, 87 (3):



pacific affairs.jpg


‘Striking the Right Balance: Economic Concentration
and Local Government Performance in Indonesia and
the Philippines’, European Journal of East Asian Studies, 2012, 11(1):17-44.


Journal of Current Southeast Asian Affairs

'The Politics of Reform: Political Scandals, Elite Resistance, and Presidential Leadership in Indonesia, Journal of Current Southeast Asian Affairs, 2011, 29 (1): 79-94.

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