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Teaching - Asian Studies

Lectures & Seminars - a Brief Overview  

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Digital Asia (master, winter term)  

This course assesses Asia’s key developments in the fields of digital disruption, artificial intelligence, big data, and robotics. It discusses business impacts (industry 4.0, agile management) and social implications (automation, future of work) in Asia and beyond.


Doing Business in Southeast Asia (master, summer term) 

In this course students are introduced to key facets that underpin business dynamics in the ASEAN region; these include aspects of "economic, social, and poltical diversity", "colonial history", "independence and state-building", "ASEAN's political and economic integration", "contemporary trade deals / RCEP", "geopolitical developments and tensions",  and "emerging digital markets"   

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Asia's Geopolitical Complexity

The seminar offers students contemporary insights into 
issues of international relations, regional security, transboundary challenges in Asia and beyond; these include: the changing global order, the concept of power (from an IR-perspective), regional hegemony, emerging powers and interests in Asia, global trade wars, competing development models, the US-China digital race, South China Sea , and emerging regional trade deals that interconnect East Asia and Southeast Asia.  


Southeast Asian Societies

This course introduces students to the historical underpinnings, social developments,  and political/economic  transitions in one of the most diverse and rapidly changing regions in the world.   

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